Thursday, August 20, 2015


I want you on me, in me
Around me, up and down me
Across me, against me
Everywhere we share energy
Friction in fractions
Equally unbounded
Every inch gently pounded
Pinned against your wall
Orgasms twenty feet tall
You know,
That's all.


Painting by Ioyan Mani (Sioux translation: Walk Beyond)

You were the most magnificent glitch in my binary
A number so unlike any,
A break in the monotony of code this
Code that
That I do not know how to neatly end the statement.
(A slash will not do, nor a parenthetical)
So I am trying something theoretical
Heretical even…

I will listen for your voice through every telescopic array
Through known galaxies and beyond, wormholes, dark matter
(Like a lost Gaia searching for her Aether, when she realized that sky is no match for essence)
And if I hear one perfect three, I’ll know it’s you
To make my way home and meet you at forever

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Nash Vegas

On the twin flame experience:

The way it worked
I had to walk into your bar
And it had to be winter solstice, the darkest
And it had to be that song

though now I don't remember any noise,
my free-bird raven
(breathe, beating heart. breathe, beating heart)
Clink, cheers
Back to life, back to reality

Your green squint envyted this,
hungry jades
using you
to seduce myself remember my lips and hips
dancing eyes
...the unparalleled, power between my thighs

So, I let myself
Be tangled up in the blue of your strawberry hair,
a seeming field of for-never.

I went from player to played
In two shakes of your wolf in sheep's cotton tale
(kiss, breaking heart. kiss, breaking heart.)

Alternate current and direct current,
All shook up.

We bled sister rosetta red
the cords our story was destined to obey
the last note, where i lose the you and I
we made
(someone i didn't have to give away)

Like every song written, but never played.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fire Keep

I’ll be your grape soda
If you’ll be my red velvet cake
Mystery’s sweetest soul release
Sugar kiss, coated bliss
I’ll be your blanket
If you’ll be my pillow
Warm and soft silken escape
My resting head, your sacred cape
I’ll be our waterfall
If you’ll be the moss
Cleansed free on slippery rock
All this within we need to unlock
You’ll be the volcano
And I, the crane
Our every touch
This last refrain

Friday, January 9, 2015

Prairie Fire Wine

Do you have the time?
Could you write my next line?
Did you even wish to be mine?
sweet lil boy
With the huckleberry shine

But you'll never come back to me
Always too blind to really see
What was lost was not for sale
Now I'll keep my heart in jail

Drinkin prairie fire wine
Making love was not your kind
Faking nothing, let me be
Green eyes make envy the enemy

Pull my hat low 'cross the face
Pickin up my heart's melting pace
Childrens' laughter's not enough
The Wolves' howl is just too rough

Drinkin prairie fire wine
Dusty road's the final line
There's not one I wouldn't cross
To feel it less, this aching loss

Spilling prairie fire wine
deepest grapes, they need a vine
And There's only one thing ever free
That's what you took away from me.

Apricot Sunset

When the blues, greens, fluffy whites,
Begin to fade into the next hopeful dawn... And the owls ruffle feather awake to seek their prey

The horizon fading into a quaint squint
O'er the mountains

There I'll find you
Among those apricot embers

Sun stretching into its yawn
Moon taking her place in the night sky,
The lead

There I'll find you
Among the starry twinkles

Within the first cricket chirps
And distant howls

There I'll find you
Among all things that end...

And begin again.


Ocean wave, unencumbered circumference
The most secret parts, creating sea glass
Jasmine scented ritual dance,
A centuries old routine

One breathe follows the other
Mine, then yours
Yours, then mine

Heart opening blossom,
Petals falling, the foam explodes across the sand
And gently retreats
As the drum beat slows
And the water flows back-into self
Awaiting the moon's next command.